Use This Proven Technique To Become The Go-To Authority In Your Business Niche... (without having to be an 'expert')

(This is a special pre-launch offer)


The secret to success in your business or organization is not to be everything to everyone - you simply cannot do it!

The real secret is to find a market segment in which you can become the 'trusted authority' and provide the answers to their problems.

Using the power of new media, we reveal a few simple secrets to help you do what was not even possible several years ago.

Is This Product For You?

  • Are you trying to build a real 'long term' business and not just some quick 'make-money' method that only works short term?
  • Would you like to shortcut the '10,000 hours to become an expert' Gladwell rule and instead be the trusted advisor or authority in your niche without having to actually be the 'expert'?
  • Are you willing to take some unique aspect of your personality and use it in a fun way to skyrocket yourself to big name status?

There Is A Catch!   There is a reason that you are getting a $27 product for just $5.  I need your help.  This is a pre-release version of the product.  The final title has not been chosen yet and the graphics work is not done.

Please do not purchase this if you do not have time to look at it and provide some feedback!

I am going to sell 10 copies of this pre-release product and then shut it down and implement the final changes.

When the final product is finished...  Everyone who purchased the pre-release and helped by providing feedback will receive the full version of the finished product!

With just your voice and personality... we will show you how to:

  • Format and choose a show layout
  • Set up your web site for your show promotion and RSS feed
  • Shortcut to getting your show published in the itunes store and available to millions of listeners.
  • My killer promotion technique to skyrocket your show's success and listener base.

Get Your Copy Now...

  • Build a true long-term business model
  • Become the 'trusted advisor' in your niche without having to be an 'expert'
  • Use your unique personality to skyrocket yourself to 'big name' status

Niche Rock Star (become the next American Idol)